Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sakura this Spring - Simply breath taking!

Sakura starting to blossom!

Ueno Park- Tokyo.
One of my favourite photos! 

Quick stop at Starbucks- of course! It didnt end up being a quick stop though !
The line was crazy!

Learning Japanese-

One of the many challenges I face everyday is the language barrier! It can isolate you to another level not being able to communicate with the outside world! It's crazy! I thought to myself I need to change this! I decided to get my self a text book. I wanted to look into classes but have been told otherwise Japanese classes here are a waste of time. So back to the text book I go.... I did some research online and came across a you tube channel called Abroad in Japan (great channel) he had recommended this book so here we are, I have the Genki 1 book and im ready to get going. 

It sounds so easy right.... haha but this book scares me! I know, I sound silly. But its a challenge that I need to get on with. Unfortunately I'm one of those people that only speak one language. I'm eager to change that! I mean how exciting being able to speak another language? I mean it reminds me of having like a secret code! Between you and that person your speaking with.. haha okay I need to stop procrastinating and get on with the study! I'll let you know how I get on!  

Do you speak Japanese or another language? If so, do you have any tips?


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Moved to Japan from little old NZ- Feeling overwhelmed.

So ............... I've recently moved to Japan!! My boyfriend and I both decided it was time for a change early on in 2014. An opportunity presented itself and here we are. Long story short I must say. It is amazing here. The food is delicious, the people are lovely and there is an unlimited amount of things to do!

Its coming into summer here and it is so hot! They've told me August is the hottest month of the year so not looking forward to that! The cherry blossom ( Sakura ) this year were absolutely beautiful! Probably one of my favorite experiences this far!

I'm working as a English teacher (Japanese refer to as a Sensei ) its a lot of fun and my boyfriend is currently working in a large factory here. I'm really enjoying it. But there's been a lot of unexpected difficulties that have come with the territory. I mean i'm not saying I was naive enough to think it would be all fairies and happiness haha but of course living it can be different story. Feeling isolated and secluded is a common feeling that im trying to come to terms with. I mean in a way its my own fault, my level of speaking Japanese is extremely poor. But i really felt like I needed an out let to share this journey im going on with you guys! I mean if any one alse can relate please share!

This really was a quick ramble! I have so much to share.. I dont know where to start!

More updates to come!